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         ●双面研磨基板规格10mm-1250mm(对角线)的方形、圆形及各种异型光胚,月产能力50万件左右。其中公司自主研发建成超大规格(50英寸)平面基板产线,成为国内唯 一 一家具备大规格,高精度,批量化生产能力的制造商。


          Nanyang Emerging Precision Optical Co.Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturingenterprise specializing in cold working of optical components.The company concentrates on the innovation ot technology and management and strives to meet the various needs of users. It has a complete set of production and processing equipment and strict quality management system.(it has passed ISO9001:2015 certiication).There are digital cutting machine, copy edge grinder, CNC.double-sided grinder (50B/20B/16S/9B), double-sided polishing machine (50B/20B/16S/9B), ultrasonic cleaner, glass tempering turnace, vertical milling mill, multi-cutter, high s peed precision grinder, high s peed polishing machine, Plane precision ring polishing machine etc.We can provide:

        ●Double-sided lapping substrate: specifications for 10mm-1250mm (diagonal line) square, round and all kinds of heterotype lens for major optical manufacturers. We can provide about500.000 pieces per month. The company independently develop and build a large-size(50-inch) planar substrate production line and become the unique manufacturer in China with large specifications. high accuracy and quantitative production capacity.

        ●Prism:We can produce all kinds of optical prism tooling and batch optical prisms (triangular prism, long prism, wedge prism, right-angle prism, roof prism, half-roof prism) according to customers requirements


      南阳市新兴精密光学有限公司,专营 光罩基板 光学棱镜 编码器玻璃基板 平面玻璃基板 棱镜工装 特种行业应用基板 等业务,有意向的客户请咨询我们,联系电话:13525669174

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